A.T. in the Cloud - Follows the User
Chrome as a “Cloud-based Operating System” has changed the A.T. landscape. “Cloud-Based A.T.” was first coined by Mark Surabian & John Calvert back in 2010 when they imagined that the Chrome platform was perfect for delivering “A.T. that follows the User”, so they then created the first "AT Chrome Toolbox" (an online database designed by Calvert). By "Thinking AT" they reviewed hundreds of Chrome Apps which they thought may "qualify” as A.T.
Through this process they identified many apps and extensions which they believed could foster alternative forms of access for real learning to occur, with the ultimate hope of extending the definition as to who can be a learner in any particular setting. Then subsequently created the first “A.T. for Chrome” Google Community through which many A.T. developers explored with members the possibility of creating dedicated AT apps for the field. Linked below are some of the old extensions and many new, as shared to us by colleagues.

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