Assistive Technology Links for the NYC Department of Education

New York City Department of Education Assistive Technology Services
The Department of Education’s goal is to ensure that all students have meaningful access to the curriculum. Depending upon the impact of a disability, your child may require Assistive Technology (AT) or Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) in order to participate in his or her educational program and achieve his or her academic goals. These Links are also valuable for self-advocacy & child rights:
NYC DOE Parent’s Guide to the Student’s Right to AT

New York City Student Rights for AT:
The Chancellor’s Continuum of Services for Students with Disabilities Appendix B details a student’s rights to A.T. equipment and services. Draw your attention to the following statement which insures that A.T. be considered for students with both high and low incidence disabilities: “The need for assistive technology devices is not limited to students with physical needs. For example, a dyslexic student may benefit from a scanner or book reader.”

The ARISE Coalition Resources on AT and Family Rights in NYC