The’s A.T. Services FAQ Sheet (formerly known as CogniTech Café)
Please E-Mail or Call to Make an Appointment or to Request a Training (917) 586-8000

• Individuals with Disabilities, Families, and Personal Aides
• EI & Preschool Students and Staff
• Private & Public School Students & All Staff
• College Students & Computing Center Staff
• Work Opportunity & VESID/ACCES Clients
• Adult Day Services Centers
• Senior Day Service Clients & Staff
• Clinicians in OT, PT, Speech Pathology, and Rehabilitation
• Educators in Need of Technology Training for Any Subjects
• Vendors of A.T. Equipment in Need of Evaluators

• Assistive Technology (A.T.) Services for Physical, Learning, Vision, and Communication Needs
• IDEA Provider: Assistive Technology Training/Integration in E.I. & School-based Programs
• A.T. Assessments and Support for Educational (DOE) & Work Place Needs (VESID)
• Setup, Programming, Troubleshooting, and Training for Most Assistive Technology Products
• A.T. Related Services Provider for NYC Department of Education (schools/homes/center-based)
• A.T. Trainings for Professionals, Clinicians, and Employers of People with Disabilities
• Vendor Equipment Testing, Support, and Marketing Outreach

• Free assistive technology consultation and support for children and adults, available on select Tuesdays & Sundays of each month. Please note that it is by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, contact Mark Surabian at or call 917-586-8000.